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You will find ready made frames in most stores for the kits in 4 Baseplates, 16 Baseplates and 30 Baseplates sizes. We will also be offering specially made 1 Baseplate Pixelhobby frames on the website shortly.

For all other sizes if you are wanting to frame your designs in the correct sizes you will need custom size frames, there are many places which offer this service. For Australian customers we highly recommend for their fast and efficient service and quality Australian made frames. They have a great online tool where you can take your pixelhobby image and see how it looks with different frames before you buy. You can either buy the custom frames at the exact size of the finished design or buy larger frames and add custom size matting inside the frames.

We have found the best way to frame your pixelhobby designs is to first measure the design to fit onto the backboard of a frame, or take the glass out of the frame and draw around the opening with a pencil on the backboard, then you can see where the design needs to fit on the backboard. Paint or use paper towel to spread glue on the backboard, then place the completed plates to the backboard of the frame, pushing the plates together firmly as it dries.

We recommend framing designs without glass as it can be too thick with both the baseplates and glass for the frame backboard to fit in correctly and it will also show off your design better without glass. We have framed many designs from small to large ourselves so if you have any queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.



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