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 What is Pixelhobby?

Pixelhobby is a new, fun and very addictive craft. The kits make a great gift idea for Birthday or Christmas presents or buy them for a hobby for yourself or the family to do together. Below is a quick overview of the items used to create your mini mosaic masterpieces. In each kit we provide all the Pixel Squares, Baseplates and Design Sheets and Instructions needed to complete the design. When you purchase a kit you have the option of purchasing Pixelhobby Tweezers with your Kit. We recommend purchasing a set of tweezers for first time Pixelhobby users, as ordinary tweezers can damage the pixels. These very fine flat tip tweezers work well with your Pixelhobby projects. For full Instructions on how it works please also see our Instructions page.

Pixel Squares and Pixels

There are 312 different Pixel Colours. Pixels are a soft tiny plastic tile with a matte finish. On each Pixel Square, there are 140 pixels. On the back of the pixel square in the centre you can see a number which corresponds to the pixel colour. You can also see the pixels have a small hole in the bottom of them. Pixels are removed from the pixel square with tweezers and placed onto the Baseplates, which have moulded pegs which the pixels fit snuggly onto.
The design sheets will tell you where to place each pixel.



Each Baseplate is 4 inches (10.16cm) x 5 inches (12.70cm) in size. So a 1 Baseplate design would be this size when finished. Each Baseplate holds 2000 pixels and is made of clear plastic.

Pixels fit snuggly onto the pegs on the Baseplates and there is no need to secure them with glue. There is an arrow on the back of each baseplate which you can see if you hold it up to a light. Use this arrow as a guide to make sure your baseplate is facing in the same direction as you move through the design sheets.


Click on Picture to Zoom In

Click on Picture to Zoom In


Design Sheets

The best thing about this craft is there is no counting or hard to read symbols. It is so easy to do. The Design Sheets tell you were to place each coloured pixel.

A Design Sheet will have either 2 or 4 design rectangles on each page. Starting with the first rectangle you lay the clear baseplate on top of it and you can see the symbols right through. Each design rectangle only uses 4 symbols for 4 different colours, so the patterns are easy to read.

Each baseplate will have several design rectangles to complete. After the first four colours are all added, you just move the baseplate onto the next design rectangle to add the next 4 colours and you keep doing this until the baseplate is fully covered. It is important to keep the baseplate facing the same way as you move through the design rectangles. It generally takes between 4 - 7 hours to complete one baseplate. Be sure to take breaks though, it can be very addictive.

For larger designs, using more than one baseplate, it is best to start off with the first plate and move through the pattern as printed. Next to the design rectangle is the baseplate number you are working on and the symbols and corresponding pixel colour number to use.

However if you want to work the design as a family, one can do, for example, baseplate 1 whilst someone else does baseplate 2 etc. You can mark the baseplate number on the back of the baseplates to help avoid confusion if you need to.

After all of the baseplates of the design are completed, the full design is assembled and ready to be framed. 

For full Instructions on how it works please also see our Instructions page.

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